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Renny by Jubalii
An ask on my tumblr prompted me to freehand draw a little 5-minute sketch with my mouse (I have NO clue where my tablet went, grr) and I liked the end result so much that I decided to keep it here, too. (shameless advertising- Follow me at
When drawing freehand (especially with the mouse) I keep it incredibly simplistic, which worked to Renny's advantage, really. He's dressed pretty laid-back like, so there's not a whole lot to highlight other than his hair.

So in case you didn't know about Renny (aka R.M. Renfield):
He's an OC from my Hellsing fanfictions, and when he makes an appearance he plays a foil to Alucard. He can usually match him in wit, and their back story is never FULLY brought into light in 99% of the cases (although it's hinted that Stoker didn't get it quite right).
He's a daemon (the ae is important), who works more or less for God, though he often states that God is just one of the names this being goes by.
His main job in his existence is to watch after Alucard, making sure he can't leave a bloody path of destruction. He jokes that van Helsing did all the hard work for him, and now he just has to pop in from time to time when something goes awry.
He's a very cheerful, mysterious fellow that gets along with everyone, even considering Alucard to be a friend (albeit a dangerous, angry one). He does experience some regret regarding what Alucard refers to as "betraying him", but he also considers it for the best that the vampire has a human master. He adores Seras to the point that he often offers to let her live with him if things go south with the vampire king, and he admits that it's good for Alucard to have Seras around as a voice of reason, and as a companion in general.
Secret Project Promo #2 by Jubalii
Secret Project Promo #2
Part two of the Secret Project Promo Posters (say it 5 times fast)
This is daughter #2 of the famed 4 daughters: Mana Nakagawa.

Translation: Shy Kid
"You've done so much for me already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

She's the quietest of the sisters, so she gets thrown to the background a lot. I'm sure she'd be happy that she has her own poster.
Secret Project Promo #1 by Jubalii
Secret Project Promo #1
Promo #1 for a Secret Project I've been working on for the past 4 months or so. It's nowhere near finished yet, but I'm already working on the first real preview of it! The working title is 貞夫さんの四むすめ, or "Sadao's Four Daughters"

Consequently, this is my favorite daughter: Daughter #3: Eri Nakagawa

おてんばの子: The Tomboy Kid
"You're cool!"
 -Nakagawa Eri

 Secret Project Promo #2 by Jubalii
Catfish and Koi by Jubalii
Catfish and Koi
picture courtesy Google Images: leafriser

Just a little something I've had stuck in my mind for a while.


Jubalii's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi! :thumb374065360: is a commission done by Khollide.
(Originally Liichan2012)

I'm an author and artist. I'm a fanfiction fanatic (not really fanatic, but...) I write lots of Hellsing fanfiction (because it needs to be written).

*cough cough* OH wow! There's a link to my fanfic archives. How'd that get there?
  • Mood: Tired
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  • Watching: my health
  • Playing: SimCity
  • Eating: German Chocolate Cake
I'm not dead! I promise! Even if I'm tired enough to feel like I'm dying.

I've just been a little poor lately, all things considering, so between stress and such I haven't had time to even think of drawing.


I think what happened is that I tried to take too much on at one time. It really snowballed on me, to where it was happening all at once. I turned around and summer was over, and I had a Twitter, YouTube account, deviantART, Pintrest, Facebook, not to mention stress at work and now the added pressure of school for the semester, and on top of THAT my faithful readers for and And on top of even that, a hospital scare with my gallbladder that ended up with me being on medication for the rest of my life.

It was, and still is, a very trying time in my life. And as such, I began to feel the... adverse side effects, if you will, of such a life. My friends and family noticed it, as well, although they had no idea what was causing such changes. I didn't want to be with my friends, or even speak to them a good bit of the time. I would halfheartedly answer texts and personal calls, but I didn't feel--normal, I suppose. I was tired, all the time. There were days I wanted, and did, do nothing but sleep all hours and then get up for work.

My parents began to become worried, but I couldn't explain it to them. I was just literally tired of life. Not to say that I wanted to end my life-no, that was the FURTHEST thing from my mind. It was just that I wished that I had a "pause" button, to pause all my deadlines and get recharged again. I wanted to be a good friend and a good family member, like I used to be. I wanted to feel normal again. I worried and prayed and slaved away, trying my best to please everyone. And for me, that was way too hard!

But now, I'm getting back to my normal self. My medicine is leveling out and I don't feel (as much) pain as I used to, I am starting to be social again, and while work hasn't slacked off, I'm getting a much-needed vacation to the beach next week. Hopefully everything will work out and I'll come back from my vacation recharged and ready for the days ahead. Or at least I'm praying for that!

So, I haven't been as active on here, or on my other social media sites, as I should. But please, PLEASE bear with me. I promise that I will get something out to you as soon as I can!

Bethany (Juju)

Talk to me! 
Twitter: bethany_JJ

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